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Old Dog Haven’s big Doggie-Do is coming up soon!   July 22

I thought you might like to know a few bits of information about the Walk that aren’t usually publicized but good to know.


Corporate Sponsors:
If you haven’t received it already, you’ll be getting Old Dog Haven’s July newsletter this week and on the back page you’ll see a list of corporate sponsors for the Walk.

We think it’s important to list our corporate sponsors because they make it possible for allmoney donated to the Walk from registrations, team and individual sponsorships, and general donations goes to help our dogs instead of paying the bills. What does that mean?



It means that the expenses involved in hosting the Walk, i.e. rental of the park, permits, rental of equipment, purchase of Old Dog Haven merchandise to sell at the Walk, advertising costs for postcards, posters, ribbons, etc. are notpaid for with money donated by you to register or sponsor a team or individual. Your money goes straight to the dogs. That’s why having corporate sponsors is so important.




Here’s a thought: When you look at the sponsors listed in the newsletter, pay particular attention to those who might be located in an area where you do business and stop by and see them. The list includes veterinary clinics, computer experts, pet stores, a real estate broker, housing renovation experts, grooming, dog day care and many more. Give them a thumbs up for believing in us. Thank them for being a Walk sponsor and patronize their business in some way. Pay it forward. These are people who believe in the mission of Old Dog Haven and sponsoring the Walk is their way of showing their support.



Volunteers: If you’ve been to the Walk you know there are many organizational and support details that need to be taken care of during the day: Making sure that those attending and those hosting have what they need to make the day successful for them falls on the shoulders of our volunteers, led by Volunteer Coordinator and Walk Manager Jennifer Remy. Helping to set up booths, filling wading pools, staffing the Old Dog Haven booths, helping to hand out ribbons and prizes, assisting Gretchen Howell with the doxie races, helping to clean up during the event and at the end of the day… the list goes on and on, but these are just some of the things that need to be done. If you’d be interested in volunteering at the Walk, we’d love to have your help. Please email office@olddoghaven.organd let us know what you’d like to do and we promise to keep you very busy.


Prizes: Prizes are awarded at the Walk for the top three individual and team fundraisers. A prize will also be given to the newest foster family in attendance at the Walk. If you’re a new foster family, the Walk is a wonderful way for you to meet other members of your extended ODH family. You must be there to winJA prize is also awarded to the oldest dog in attendance at the Walk; we couldn’t possibly have a walk for old dogs without honoring the oldest dog there! And, of course prizes are also awarded to the top three winners of the Best Costume, Best Trick and Best Begging Face contests in the Pageant.


You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about prizes when you may know this information already, but do you know what kind of prizes I’m talking about and where they come from?    We’re not talking about a free coupon for 50 cents off at the grocery store. I’m talking about gift baskets containing donated items you’ll love for your dog (and some for you too). The baskets are all beautifully arranged by Dawn Ford (Seattle Barkery), and not only does Dawn arrange the gifts, she spends months asking individuals and various dog-related businesses if they’d like to donate gifts for the Walk. This is truly a community effort. And then, Dawn picks up the gift items from many different places and works her magic with their presentation. This is not only a big job for Dawn, which she does in her always cheerful and charming way, but it’s also a wonderful act of generosity by the people who donate the gifts.

I’ll talk more about the Walk in upcoming blogs, but this is enough for now. Have you registered yet? Have you signed up to sponsor a team or an individual? Have you formed a team? You can do all of this by going to www.odhwalkforolddogs.org

Thanks so much for your support!



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