Meet the Dogs!

by Paula Moreschi


Today we’d like to share photos and stories of some of our 2019 Maranda Fund dogs. Because of the Maranda Fundthey are doing well and spending some of the best times of their lives with their wonderful foster families.




Gidget Rose

Gidget Rose

To say Gidget Rose did not arrive in good shape is an understatement. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, needed all her teeth pulled, and has severe arthritis and allergies. The allergies caused Gidget Rose to have chronic and often acute sneezing along with nasal congestion and coughing. She was very uncomfortable and needed an expensive procedures to get to the root of the problem. Thanks to Old Dog Haven’s Maranda Fund, Gidget Rose was able to have a CT scan and rhinoscopy that required general anesthesia and a consultation with an internal medicine specialist.

Gidget Rose has been much more comfortable on the antibiotics and she visits her veterinary internist to monitor her dosage, frequency and alternatives. Despite all of her issues, Gidget Rose is a very spirited old girl! She loves her foster mom, is very loyal, and loves to snuggle (most of the time). She’s really quite a character!




One day Pugsley’s final refuge mom came home and found that he could not walk. He was rushed to an emergency clinic, and x-rays showed a couple of slipped discs in his neck. Things did not look hopeful. But thanks to the Maranda Fund, Pugsley received an MRI to determine the damage and see what treatment, if any, could be provided.

The MRI results pointed towards medication, crate rest, then a reevaluation for possible surgery. After four weeks of crate rest the prognosis was still guarded. Pugsley was not a good candidate for surgery because of his chronic cough and collapsing trachea, so crate rest and medication were continued.

Miraculously, after a few months Pugsley was almost back to his old self. His foster mom says, “He continues to be my best friend and I am looking forward to spending more time with him. I am so grateful to Old Dog Haven’s Maranda Fund and to all the people who have supported the fund.”


Annie Girl


Annie Girl

Annie Girl is living proof that despite years of misfortune, broken-down old dogs given love and compassionate care can begin new, wholehearted lives. Annie’s new life began when she moved in with her Old Dog Haven foster family and she is now safe and loved.

Annie had a couple of emergency room visits, the first due to gastroenteritis. At the second ER visit Annie had developed a twisted stomach (gastric dilation volvulus/GDV or gastric torsion/bloat). This is the Queen Mother of veterinary emergencies and the Maarnada Fund was used so Annie could have the life-saving surgery she urgently needed.

Now the good life for Annie means treats and belly rubs.  Annoying things are medicines (she’s a champion at spitting out pills!) and anyone thinking they might want to ‘borrow’ her food.  But Annie does well with the resident dog and she doesn’t care at all about the cats…what a good dog! Thanks to Old Dog Haven and you, Annie has her favorite bed, her favorite person, and now she’s in her favorite place—as an indoor dog surrounded by lots and lots of love.


Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel had been attacked by another dog and was badly hurt. She needed urgent care immediately for her bite wounds and treatment for her damaged eye that later had to be removed. Old Dog Haven immediately got Coco Chanel the care she needed and the Maranda Fund was used to cover her spay, repair a major hernia and treat her eye wounds.

Her foster mom has been a lifesaver and has made huge efforts to help Coco recover. She shares, “I named her Coco Chanel because after what she had been through she deserved a glamorous name to go with her new glamorous life.”

“I love and adore Coco. Despite what has happened to her she takes everything in stride and we have become quite attached to each other. Coco Chanel likes to put her paw on my leg for comfort and mealtimes are a joyous occasion for her.  Coco now spends her days snoring while she sleeps, enjoying treats and getting the love she deserves.”


We are forever grateful to you for loving old dogs and taking the time out of your busy day to read our blog today. You can help us keep the Maranda Fund alive by making a gift to the fund, sponsoring one of our Maranda Fund dogs and sharing our blog.

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