Meet the dog who inspired this life saving fund – by Paula Moreschi


Not only is this year Old Dog Haven’s 16th Anniversary, but it’s also the 11-year anniversary of the arrival of Maranda, the inspiration behind Old Dog Haven’s Maranda Fund.

Maranda arrived at Old Dog Haven as a stray in 2009. She required surgery to repair her torn knee ligaments and despite a generous discount from the veterinary clinic the surgery was costly and a decision needed to be made. Old Dog Haven decided Maranda deserved a chance for a healthy life so the surgery was completed. Maranda recovered and was adopted by a very kind and loving family who adored her.


We contacted Maranda’s mom and asked her to share her memories with us today.

“Maranda (who we called Mandy) was such a joy in our lives.  We got her not long after another one of our dogs died unexpectedly. Judith connected us with Maranda’s foster and when we went to meet Maranda we fell in love with her immediately.  Maranda had suffered from separation anxiety, but my husband worked from home so that wasn’t going to be a problem for us.

“Maranda was always such a sweet, funny, happy girl.  She acted like a puppy all of her life, loved her toys (she often had a toy in her mouth), going for walks and keeping an eye on us. She slept next to us on her big dog bed in the bedroom and never left our side when we walked anywhere with her. When we went down to the barn to feed the horse Maranda would hang out while we did our work.

“Maranda was always there! She would lie on her bed (we had beds in all of the rooms) and keep an eye on us—wherever we roamed in the house—making sure we were there and were okay.  Maranda was also very protective and a wonderful companion for her “brother” Bilbo, our rescue beagle.  She also loved going on car rides and we took her everywhere with us.

“In 2011 my husband passed away and Maranda was a big comfort to me. She was a good friend and I loved having her in my life. At the end Maranda was in pain—particularly in her rear end—and it became more and more difficult for her to get up and move around.  There is a big hole in my heart and I still miss her every day.  I can picture her perfectly, looking up at me with those big soulful eyes, making sure that I was okay.

“I do what I can to help support Old Dog Haven, though it is not nearly enough.  Your organization is so very special to me and I do as much as I can. Thank you for letting me share my memories of Mandy with you today.”

The Maranda Fund now exists in Maranda’s honor to help other senior dogs like her that need major, one-time veterinary procedures that would give them a good chance for a happy life, if successful, in excess of what we would consider normal veterinary expenses. Since the Maranda Fund was started hundreds of dogs have been helped.


Thank you friends, and make sure to check our Facebook and Instagram pages for more stories and memories about some of our Maranda Fund recipients that we’ll  be sharing throughout October.



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