Give Hope and Love to Old Dogs

November 21, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  #GIVING TUESDAY is about hope, love, and kindness. And so is Old Dog Haven. Everyone involved with Old Dog Haven works together every day to give love and hope to homeless senior dogs. Throw-away shelter dogs that would have died in shelters are taken in by Old Dog Haven and given a second chance…


November 14, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Old Dog Haven is a family of senior dogs, foster families, staff, volunteers, community members, and donors. This concept is represented beautifully in our 2017 calendar, designed and created by foster dad, Joe Myers. The calendar is a group effort and shows the love our foster families and volunteers have for their senior dogs.…

Take My Paw. I’ll Help You.

November 7, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Those of us who welcome homeless senior dogs into our homes and hearts understand that we’re making a huge difference in their lives as we help them welcome an opportunity to be happy, healthy dogs. But what about the difference they can make in our lives? Being human is difficult at best and we often…

Heart Disease in Geriatric Dogs

October 31, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

By William T. Testerman, DVM Lub dub, lub, dub, lub dub, is the sound of a dog’s heart, as it contracts 70 to 120 beats a minute for its entire life. It is one of the first muscles to contract during development in the uterus and the last to quiver as life ends. The heart…

Babies, Small Children and Old Dogs

October 24, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Two songs—“Teach Your Children” and “Respect”—are going through my head right now as I sit here thinking about what I want to say in this blog. The #2 reason given by people who contact Old Dog Haven asking us to help them re-home their senior dog is that the dog is having problems with…

From Cone to Comfort

October 17, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

By Tonya Kniest My first Old Dog Haven Final Refuge foster, Lizzy, went over the bridge in February. With my pending trip across the state for my college commencement ceremony, I knew I had to wait until May to bring another dog into my life. The very weekend following graduation, I asked ODH Director Judith…

Old Dog Haven’s 12th Dogs

October 10, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Old Dog Haven has quite a strong contingent of Seahawks fans. And not just the people. We have six dogs that are named for Seahawks players, and even though it’s not quite a full team we’ve contacted Pete Carroll to let him know that our gang is ready and willing if they’re needed. I thought…

Denial Isn’t Just a River in Egypt

October 3, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Several months ago I wrote about the importance of planning ahead in the event that you’re no longer able to care for your companion animal. This week I want to extend that thought to point out the importance of monitoring whatever plan is chosen because in some cases, as is true in this story,…

So Much Joy

September 26, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  My idea of a good time is to be around dogs. Whether it’s walking dogs at the shelter or spending time with my own dogs, being with dogs makes me a happy camper. I especially like spending time with old dogs that were once homeless and are now happy and healthy because they’ve been…

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

September 19, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

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