Is My Dog in Pain? What to look for and how to listen

September 12, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

By Dr. James St.Clair Dr. James St.Clair is the author of Dogs Don’t Cry, an Amazon #1 Best Seller. 100% of book sales are being donated directly to help senior dogs in rescues who need pain management. He is also the author of the 5-Star Rated Top Dog Health Home Rehabilitation Guides, which provide step-by-step instructions…

Shrinking World Syndrome

September 5, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

(It’s a small world, after all … but it doesn’t have to be!) By Keri Stevenson I ran across this article that Keri Stevenson wrote for an Old Dog Haven newsletter awhile back and thought you might find it interesting and helpful.  It’s a big long, but Keri offers some very specific suggestions in terms…

When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

August 29, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

In March I talked about dementia as a viable consideration when you’re facing an end-of-life decision for your dog, but based on the number of inquiries I’m receiving lately about other conditions that might play into your decision I thought it might be helpful if I expanded the conversation and asked you to look at…

Committed to Curing Cancer: Morris Animal Foundation

August 22, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Judith Piper, Executive Director of Old Dog Haven, has asked that I draw your attention to the Morris Animal Foundation because of the ground-breaking work they’re funding to help cure cancer in dogs. According to John Reddington, DVM, PhD, President and CEO of Morris Animal Foundation, “Each year, an estimated six million dogs are diagnosed…

Do You Have Room for One More?

August 15, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Our guest blogger this week is Priscilla McCarty. Priscilla and her husband Bryan have been fostering dogs for Old Dog Haven for nine years. Because Priscilla and Bryan have perfected the art of living with more than one dog I asked Priscilla to share her thoughts with you. I especially like the sentence I’ve underlined…

Be a Part of the Ripple Effect

August 8, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

We don’t live in a vacuum. What we think, feel and do creates an energy that generates a ripple effect, just like a pebble dropped in the water. If that energy and the actions that go along with it are positive, the ripple effect generated will make a positive difference. Even though shelters are filled…

Heatstroke Risks

August 1, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

I saw this article on and it seems like a good reminder to all of us who live with dogs … especially at this time of year. 5 Factors That Put Your Dog at Risk for Summer Heatstroke By Shayna Meliker   Many dogs love summer as much as we do, but high temperatures…

Age is Just a Number

July 25, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Old Dog Haven’s Walk for Old Dogs was held on July 17 and you’ll be able to read a full report of the Walk in our September newsletter as well as on our Facebook page, but in this blog I want to feature the two oldest dogs at the Walk—Oliver (20) and KayCee (18) because…

How to Help a Grieving Dog

July 18, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Not long ago I wrote about productive grieving for people who are mourning the loss of an animal friend, but this week I want to talk about helping a dog … especially a senior dog … that is grieving. This post may be especially relevant for those of you who are fostering or who have…

So Much More Than a WALK FOR OLD DOGS

July 9, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Inspired by the compassion and commitment of founders Judith and Lee Piper, Old Dog Haven has become a community of fosters, volunteers, and donors all dedicated to getting old dogs out of shelters and placing them in private homes with loving families.

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