Your Dog Doesn’t Know He Has Cancer

April 11, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Dogs live in the moment. Those of us with two legs, on the other hand, often spend time looking back or thinking ahead and end up fracturing the moment because we aren’t fully present. This inability to be in the moment doesn’t serve us well when we’re dealing with a dog that has cancer or…

“How Do You Stand It?”

April 2, 2016 General News, Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Deeanne Matz, our guest blogger this week, is the webmaster of the Old Dog Haven website and she is also a member of the Board. She and her husband Francesco are dedicated Old Dog Haven Final Refuge parents. Pictured right with Dee and Francesco are their current dogs (L-R) Emma Pearl, Penelope, and Benny.…

Plan Ahead

March 28, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Note: For the sake of simplicity I’ll be using the generic “him” rather than “him or her.” What will happen to your dog if you are no longer able to care for him? Shelters are filled with dogs that ended up there because their people were unable to care for them. It’s important to make…

Old Dogs Teaching New Tricks

March 21, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

My dogs and I have a great system worked out in terms of our roles in the household as well as our various responsibilities. Because my dogs are all seniors they’ve spent years perfecting their routines and they’ve trained me very well. Here’s our version of teamwork and their ability to teach an old human…


March 7, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Our Placement Coordinator Tina Nabseth spends long hours at the computer and on the phone helping people who feel they need to re-home their senior dogs. The work is challenging, often frustrating, and Tina listens to sad stories every day. Given the fact that Tina spends most of her time dealing with serious issues, there’s…

Thor: A Lesson in Inner Strength, Resilience and Hope

February 29, 2016 General News, Life Lessons from Old Dogs

The Norse god Thor is generally associated with being able to make thunder, which would require quite a feat of strength. Our dog Thor isn’t very strong physically … not yet … but his inner strength is quite remarkable and he could probably make thunder if he wanted to do that. Let me tell you…

Listen to Your Inner Dog

February 20, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Listen to your Inner Dog – When you welcome a dog into your home, you also invite him or her into your heart. When that magical bonding happens, you end up with an animal heart.

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