This distinguished fellow came into ODH care in August of 2016 as a stray from the shelter. He was thought to be a Labrador mix, about 10 years old, and weighed a whopping 81 pounds! Though already microchipped, he was not claimed during the shelter’s 10-day hold period, and shelter staff became increasingly concerned for his health.

You see, this mystery man not only had a very substantial Mae West-style bust, but he also had two very large, unusual growths on his lower belly, suspected arthritis in his knees, a strange spot on his eye, and tired very easily. But despite it all, he was a happy guy and quickly won shelter staff hearts.  

ODH to the rescue! Because of your support of ODH, Bones was whisked to his ODH foster mom and received much needed veterinary care. Fortunately, the lower belly growths were simply fatty tumors due to his obesity. Unfortunately, Bones had anal gland cancer that had likely metastasized.

This is where Bones’ story turned critical. Bones also had bacterial AND viral pneumonia which immediately landed him in the emergency hospital. For days, he declined and it was feared that he wouldn’t have the strength or will to survive. But with ODH’s full support, his foster mom asked for one more day and Bones pulled through for her!


Bones and Uncle Morrie

Today, almost two years later, Bones is fit as a fiddle and a svelte 52 lbs. He still has a little pouch, but the rest of that excess weight is history. He frolics by the sea weekly, keeps the backyard free of elephants, and delights on adventures with his best friend Uncle Morrie, a senior chocolate Labrador. If you spot him on Phinney Ridge or Ballard, please say hello! He still has cancer, but it doesn’t appear to be growing quickly. In fact, his last vet checkup concluded that he was “thriving.”  

Thriving! That’s what great care, good food, and real loving will do for an old gentleman whose investigative days are hardly behind him.





Abe and Leslie

Note: Not long ago Chief Inspector Bones, and Uncle Morrie organized a garage sale in Phinney Wood to benefit Old Dog Haven. The sale offered plenty of great finds, but no treasures were greater than the love and support for Old Dog Haven from this Seattle community. The sale was a HUGE success and by far the most touching contribution was from Abe (pictured here with friend). Seven year-old Abe sold ice cream and fizzy water during the sale and decided to donate all his earnings to Old Dog Haven. 








Grateful thanks to our friends in PhinneyWood from the beloved senior dogs of Old Dog Haven!


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