Very soon now! The 6th annual Old Dog Haven Walk for Old Dogs will be held Sunday July 23 from 10:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. at Cromwell Park in Shoreline. Go to to register and for more information.

Yes, dogs and people of all ages are welcome.

Yes, the Walk is a fundraiser.

Yes, we do need the money to continue to care for the over 300 dogs in our care.

Yes, thanks to our sponsors, every cent raised will be used to care for the senior dogs in our permanent foster homes.

Yes, there are all kinds of activities planned for you and your dog(s) as well as wonderful prizes for the top fundraisers and Pageant winners.

But this event is so much more than a fundraiser. The Walk as an experience you’ll never forget. This event is the largest gathering of senior dogs ever held anywhere in the United States.

It’s a celebration.

It’s a “show off your dog” event.

It’s a “My dog may be old but look how happy he is” gathering.

It’s a salute to our foster families and volunteers who make what we do possible.

It’s an opportunity to meet other people who care for and love older dogs.

It’s a chance to spend an afternoon in the park with your dog.

It’s a living testament to the belief that old dogs have value and deserve love and respect.

It’s a time to smile, laugh and enjoy the company of dogs.

It’s a full-blown happening that makes what we do at Old Dog Haven visible and memorable.

It’s a way to show that love and commitment make a difference.

Please join us!


Schedule of Events

10:30-11:30   Walk and Pageant registration, meet the sponsors and vendors

11:30-12:00   The Dachshund Race for the Rescue

12:15-12:30   Welcome, team and individual Walk prize awards

12:30-1:00     The Walk for Old Dogs (After the Walk, get some tasty food from our vendors &
gather around for the Old Dog Pageant)

1:15-2:45       The Old Dog Pageant and Old Dog Pageant awards

2:45-3:00       Tail wags and goodbyes