Shy doxie

November 10, 2015 We Remember

Dottie came into our care in 2011 after a stay at a large shelter. She was a really beautiful girl who was very shy with people. Dottie found a...

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Too short a time with us - please spay & neuter

November 9, 2015 We Remember

Little Helga came into a big shelter as a “stray”, a matted emaciated mess of a Shih Tzu who could barely see and was definitely deaf. We gave her...

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Tough nut who came out of his shell

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Omar was one tough little nut to crack! When he first came to his final refuge home, he was not interested in humans at all, period. No bad behavior,...

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Anchor of a large pack

November 16, 2015 We Remember

Lamar’s nearly five years in ODH ended with a sudden medical crisis. He had become the #1 dog in his home, his mom’s sidekick who brought all the newbies...

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Foster mom's protector

November 15, 2015 We Remember

Emmett’s journey came to an end after nearly 2 years with his ODH family. He was his mom’s best buddy, protector and defender and he will be remembered with...

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Tiny Shih Tzu cherished by his ODH mom for 7 years

November 8, 2015 We Remember

Benji is a 17 year old, tiny Shih Tzu whose owner died. He is a loving quiet little guy who was very stressed by all the changes. Although he...

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Big jovial dog with many health challenges

November 16, 2015 We Remember

Maynard, who looked like a yellow Lab but with the style and personality of a Golden Retriever, landed in a shelter with a necrotic (infected to the point of...

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Grand old dog

November 13, 2015 We Remember

Virgil, a grand old Labrador, somehow found himself as a “stray” in a big shelter. Can’t imagine how he “strayed” since he is glued to his foster parents’ side...

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ODH Ambassador Extraordinaire

November 3, 2015 We Remember

Solomon arrived at his ODH home in 2009 and stuck around until 2014! In that time he became an ambassador for us and old dogs all over. He loved...

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Love made her younger

November 10, 2015 We Remember

Ginger came to ODH at about age 13 when her lifetime owners could no longer care for her. She seemed pretty frail, wasn’t moving too well and was leaking...

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