Much loved for his final months

November 5, 2015 We Remember

Lenny was a dog who was found “stray”: very thin, unaltered with a tumor in each testicle and no teeth. Despite his poor physical condition he was beautiful on...

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Blind Shih Tzu

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Thomas, a cute little Shih Tzu, went through two shelters and an adoption in a short period of time; his brother stayed adopted but Thomas was returned probably because...

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A leader and bright spirit

November 4, 2015 We Remember

Josey, a Smooth Fox Terrier, came from the shelter at about 13 years old with paperwork that stated “not adoptable, old, not cute.” In her Final Refuge home she...

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Avery (Annie)

Very neglected Shepherd mix

November 11, 2015 We Remember

Avery (fondly known as Annie in her Final Refuge home) was picked up as a stray in terrible condition. She had obviously not been bathed or brushed for years,...

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A loyal friend

November 10, 2015 We Remember

Dahlia was a dog we were asked to take in by a shelter as a hospice case because of kidney failure. Our vet found a tumor along her bladder...

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Very anxious girl who loved the outdoors

November 5, 2015 We Remember

Zephyr spent exactly a year in her ODH home, enjoying walks and the dog park and anything outside and active. Groups of people, new places, loud sounds were too...

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Sweet blind girl

November 8, 2015 We Remember

Little Edna, a blind very old Shih Tzu, was found as a matted stray and taken to the shelter – she’d been there several times before and reclaimed by...

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Family member

November 13, 2015 We Remember

After more than a year as part of our family, Charles still loved having his fat tummy rubbed and loved his daily expedition into the pasture but otherwise lying...

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Amazing personality

November 15, 2015 We Remember

Barry’s very advanced age (18 by the owner’s account) finally caught up with him; no matter how loved he was, the pain and struggle to continue was just too...

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Good long life

November 14, 2015 We Remember

After 3 years in his happy ODH home, Einstein at 17 slid into dementia and confusion just as he began to lose weight and dwindle physically. He had been...

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