11 year old Winnie is a loving and sweet, sweet gal. She’s a beautiful 72 pound yellow lab/golden retriever mix.  Winnie came into the care of Rebecca’s Rainbow because her young owner is terminally ill with limited time left.

Winnie is hoping to find a loving and incredible home.  It can’t replace the one she had for 11 years but the folks at Rebecca’s Rainbow can make sure she is cared for and treated kindly.  They want to make her new home fun for her, too.

It’s hot out there, it’s August, the air is full of smoke from the forest fires, and with school about to start; adoptions are at a standstill.  But Winnie is hoping that there is someone out there to help her transition as soon as possible.

Winnie would like to go on daily walks, she would like to have a yard and a safe space to toodle about.  She requires a home which will allow her to be part of the family and share in most of their activities.  No crate, no being chained up (which is generally illegal now, by the way), no being kenneled outside.

Winnie wants to have a best friend.

She can be with cats, nice dogs, and possibly with mature children.

If you are interested in Winnie, please go to Rebecca’s Rainbow’s website:  www.rebeccasrainbow.org, click on Adopt on the Home Page and find the online application.  The intake coordinator will be taking each application in order.

Winnie is posted for Rebecca’s Rainbow and is being fostered in Redmond, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.