Jazzy was surrendered to Smidget Rescue at an adoption event.  The rescue took him in rather rough shape.  At the time he was very underweight, blind in one eye, and badly needed a dental. He had been bounced around to a couple different homes before being surrendered to rescue.

Jazzy is a sweet senior Silky Terrier looking for someone committed to giving him a permanent home.  At 11 years old he still has energy for walks and soft toys with squeakers.  Often he will stash a pile of toys on a favorite bed.   Out on a leash or around the home where he knows the layout you might not even notice he is completely blind.

This cuddle bug is happiest when curled up next to a human.  Jazzy’s ideal home would be one where he could also sleep with his human or humans.   At only 10 pounds, he does not take up a lot of space.   When it comes to people, Jazzy loves everyone, men, women, and children.

Jazzy does best with either female dogs or other males who are non-dominant.  When he hears a cat he just knows they are up to no good and barks at them, so a household without cats is best.  He is very good about using the dog door at his foster home, with the downside that sometimes he forgets to bring his toys back inside.

Smidget Rescue has had Jazzy treated for severe dry eye and been told he had previous nerve damage which cost him his eyesight.  He will need an adopter who is able to continue with treatment by a vision specialist a few times a year and continue to provide the eye drops twice a day to alleviate the painful dry eye.  He will need this treatment for the rest of his life.  Jazzy will also need a dental, which may involve some extractions.

Jazzy is posted for Smidget Rescue and is being fostered in Burien, WA. For more information about Jazzy and to receive an adoption application contact Smidget Rescue at SmidgetRescue@hotmail.com.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.