Charlotte and Lolita are friends whose person recently passed away. The hope is to find an adopter who will give both dogs a home so that they can continue spending their days together.

Charlotte is an 8 year old, 13 pound Cavalier/Poodle. What a great combination of breeds!Charlotte acts mostly poodle and it’s also reflected in her coat when it grows out. Charlotte loves the human she bonds with and will want to be with you often. She is house trained, smart, and cheerful especially when the toys come out. The Cavalier side of Charlotte surfaces when she sees a bird, squirrel or other little creature she could run after. Also like most Cavaliers she likes to sleep cuddled next to another dog. She and Lolita have shared a crate every night ever since they met.

Lolita is a 10 pound Havanese mix. She is 12 years old going on 4.  She is so bouncy, playful, happy, and runs like the wind. She is house broken but  adopters should always keep in mind that there could be a mistake or two as a dog enters a new home with different doors and routines. It’s so important to be diligent and patient as you show any new dog what you expect for a routine in your home. Lolita likes men and women alike. In the beginning, she was shy, but that ebbed quickly and possibly could have been due to the sudden change of homes after losing her human.

Charlotte and Lolita are posted for Furbaby Rescue. They are being fostered in Blaine, WA. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girls, please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters do to their own evaluation.