ODH HOSPICE HOME NEEDED:     Spayed female German shepherd, 83#.     This lovely dog has very serious mobility issues and has not had diagnostics to determine whether this is severe arthritis with degenerating discs or perhaps degenerative myelopathy.     She is usually but not always able to get up on her own and is currently getting around but prognosis is very questionable.  She is a sweet gentle dog who gets along with dogs and cats and older children but has lived with an elderly couple for a long time so used to company and a fairly quiet home.    We don’t know how much she can be helped – though we will certainly try our best! – so her ODH home would have to expect that she will only have a few months with them.


Help German Shepherd Girl – Hospice

Please contact Old Dog Haven for information about German Shepherd Girl – Hospice, or find out more information about being an ODH Foster home.