I am submitting my doggy resume for consideration of having the job of best friend and companion:

NAME AND VITALS: Summer but I’d be willing to adjust to Sunrise, Flutterby since I have butterfly type ears or anything endearing to my new owner. I am a papillon/Japanese Chin mix, 9 years old, 5 pounds, spayed of course.

ACTIVITY LEVEL: I’m as spry and active as any dog one half my age. I can leap onto a bed or couch. Foster mom thinks I have springs on my feet but I’m actually the female version of Superman who could leap buildings in a single bound.

WHY I LEFT MY LAST JOB. I mean home: My mom was diagnosed with  cancer and I never left her side until I absolutely had to.

HOUSETRAINING: Perfect and will use peepads if that’s the only option but hopefully that’s rare because I prefer to be with you, not left alone.

HOBBIES: Going on walks, car rides and indulging in treats and I’m not overweight so note that I said treats with an “s” as in multiple. In fact, I could stand to gain a pound or two. Anyone jealous of that?

SECURITY CLEARANCE: I will alert you with some barks if a stranger comes over but will settle down with you assuring me it’s OK for that person to enter.

BENEFITS REQUESTED: Very secure fencing will be needed because I’m so tiny I can slip through a 3″ opening. True story. Hey, another idea for a new name – Houdini!

SOCIAL SECURITY: I’m fine with other smaller dogs. I’m a pocket sized dog, easy to carry so I could go with you anywhere. I’ll attach myself to you like velcro but will be friendly towards all others. Oh, while this belongs in the private bedroom talk category, *giggle* I will sleep on a doggie bed but would really prefer to sleep with you especially with the cold winter weather and my tiny size.

TO CONTACT ME to present your resume for a match:  email Furbaby Rescue <mailto:elleny@comcast.net>

Summer is posted for Furbaby Rescue and is fostered in Blaine WA.

THIS IS NOT AN ODH DOG; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.