From Bailey’s ODH Home:

I joined the Old Dog Haven family in December 2016 with the addition of Bailey the beagle to our home.  Bailey had been found on the streets and taken to a shelter where they determined she was too old and sick to be adoptable – so they turned to Old Dog Haven.

She came to us a few days before Christmas and was assessed fully at NW Veterinarians.  After lots of tests, including an ultrasound,  multiple tumors were found in her liver, spleen, and bladder and they were inoperable.  Bailey was put on comfort care with pain medications and antibiotics for her bladder infection.  She  couldn’t have a dental because of the risks given her other health issues.  With all of the medical care through Old Dog Haven and all the care I could give her, Bailey’s bladder infection resolved in a few months.

I quickly fell in love with her.  Bailey and Old Dog Haven inspired me to want to do more.  ODH cared enough to provide the funding needed to diagnose her properly and they continue to support her medical needs.  They truly gave Bailey a chance to live out the remainder of her life in a safe, loving home.  Baileys Beds (www.facebook/baileysbeds) was born out of my desire to raise money for ODH and provide good soft bedding to others in the ODH family for free.

It’s been nearly a year, so far, and Bailey is still with me.  Obviously the tumors are slow growing and as long as we can keep her comfortable she’ll be around.  I worry about when “the time comes” but again there is wonderful support from the ODH family to help me make that decision and support me.

Update:  Bailey provided us with the reminder that dogs are individual despite breed expectations.  Beagles are noisy howlers and rowdy right?  Well, she was the quietest dog I’ve had in a long time and slept 18 hours a day!  Although she slept with one nostril open and woke whenever there might be food.

Bailey finally couldn’t hold off the multiple tumors growing inside her; she had become too uncomfortable and it was time to say goodbye.   I was blessed to have Bailey around longer than expected and that she made it clear when it was time to make the difficult decision to let her go.

Goodbye my beloved Bailey xoxo