Beautiful, shiny black lab Abbey is a 9 year girl who weighs 73 pounds. Described as a “very, very sweet, gentle kind spirit”.  Abbey is blind and needs an adoptive home with someone whose home is more suited to a blind dog. A home without too many stairs (if any) would be safest for her. As blind dogs often do, Abbey can learn to navigate new surroundings with time and smell.

Abbey has lived with other dogs and we are told she is appropriately social with those she meets. Because she is blind, a home with older, mellow dogs would be best for Abbey. She has lived with cats and we are told she does great with kids over 10 years old. Abbey loves people!

Abbey is very well behaved and rarely barks. Once she has adapted to her new home, we are told she can stay alone inside her home managing a few hours before she needs a potty break. Abbey is accustomed to hanging out inside her home, going outside just to do “her business” or lay in the sun when it’s nice outside. Abbey can be playful at times, squeaking her toys but mostly she is mellow and enjoys laying on the floor with her people.

Before coming to her current owners, she was traumatized by her former owners putting a harness on her. Her current owners who have had Abbey for about 7 years told us this: “Abbey walks part hunkered down in her harness and/or a collar leash situation, that is just how she does it.  She will walk though, we take her from our backyard to the car, we’ve even taken her on vacation to the beach and this is how she walks,  Not sure why she responds this way and she’s improved from when we first got her, but, she just doesn’t like it and it shows, that is all there is to that.”

Abbey’s owners will share vet records with potential adopters. She has some food sensitivities to some foods. She had an allergic reaction to her distemper vaccine last year. Recent blood work does not indicate any health issues. Abbey has not lost her vision due to diabetes; she is not a diabetic dog.  Her adopter should be willing, able and committed to affording veterinary care for the rest of her days. In return for a forever home with commitment, love and care, we bet Abbey is going to make someone very happy.

Abbey is located in Poulsbo, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge potential adopters to do their own evaluation.