Aesa Bear was a cherished dog who had lived with her original family her entire life. Her family was no longer able to care for her and Old Dog Haven found her a forever final refuge home and a new lease on life.

When she arrived in her foster home, she was found to have significant medical issues.  She had arthritis which limited her ability to get around, a very painful ear and staph infection, was underweight and incontinent. Aesa easily transitioned into her new family and fit right in with her foster sister and resident cat. The first few days, she was uncomfortable and desperately in need of medical care. Once our vet team got involved, this sweet girl was treated for all of her ailments and started feeling like a brand new dog. Over the next few weeks she has put on weight, her infections have cleared up and the arthritis medications are working and are allowing her to move without the discomfort she once experienced every day.

Aesa Bear’s adoring family gives us an update on her amazing progress:

“Aesa is feeling so much better and is a completely different dog from when she arrived a few weeks ago.  She is extremely affectionate and very well behaved.  She loves to wander and smell in the yard and barn, play with her toys and be with her people.  Her favorite indoor activity other than eating and following us around the house is trying to get the squeakers out of her toys.  We love her and are so thankful we have her in our home!  She has such a fantastic disposition, and we couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog for us.”

This lucky girl is finally home and will experience love and comfort for the rest of her life.

Update:  Sadly, after only 6 weeks with her wonderful new family, Aesa’s health failed suddenly and they had to say goodbye to this very special girl.  She enjoyed every minute with her new family and they treasure her time with them.