All we know of Amanda’s history is that she was adopted from a shelter, then went through at least 2 homes before coming into a different shelter as a “stray”. That probably explains why she came to her Final Refuge home very anxious and clingy. But she’s also a lap-loving, lean-in-tight, snuggle-under-the-covers sweetheart who loves everybody she meets. She gets all wiggly and excited when meeting new people and won’t hesitate to hop right into a lap. She also loves other dogs and has even won over the resident cat, whom she also tries to lean into! We don’t know what kind of small terrier mix she is, but she’s surely adorable. Since coming into Old Dog Haven’s care, Amanda has been diagnosed with a gallbladder mucocele and is being treated for that. Her foster mom is very happy to have her and we’ll do our best to provide her with the comfort, stability and love that she so deserves.

Update:  Little Amanda spent nearly two years in her ODH home, fighting with many physical issues and deep-seated anxiety. We were able to make her feel better and she gained a good deal of confidence in her quiet, very supportive home, but her body simply couldn’t continue. Her ODH mom, her dog friends and her devoted kitty buddy will miss her.