“My name is Amaretto. My family calls me “Am” for short. I’m a 10 year old chihuahua. I only weigh 4 1/2 pounds; I’m a tiny girl with a big name! I’m a sweet girl who loves a lap to curl up in.

“I would really like to find a home without a big dog. The one here is young and scary-not mean but hyper! I have to defend myself from him. A few years back he broke my leg! I had to have surgery to have it repaired. Thankfully I have no problems with it now. It was an accident but still…I’d like a home with a dog who is more my size but definitely not any bigger than 15 pounds. If someone without a dog would like to make me their “one and only”-I’d be THRILLED; I think that would make me the most happy.

“I can’t tell you how I’d be with a cat because I’ve never lived with one. I’d guess most cats would weigh more than me? But I can’t say I’d not chase or bark at them-no way to know for sure what I’d do. Maybe I’d like them? I can tell you that I most definitely do not want a home with young kids. Nice kids who are at least teenagers would be best for me.

“It’d be great to find someone who is home often. Right now I stay in the laundry room with my bed and a pee pad when my family isn’t home. I try not to potty when I’m in there but sometimes I just can’t wait as long as I’m expected to so a pee pad is convenient. My people let me sleep in the bed with them sometimes and it’s wonderful. I would love to help keep my new person warm at night.

“I still like to play with toys. I am great on leash and while I don’t need a ton of exercise, I do enjoy running around and stretching my legs. For the most part though, I’m pretty mellow. I like to hang out on the couch. I only bark to let you know someone is at the door. I am a chihuahua, after all!

“If you’d like a forever friend who wants to cuddle and is compact and cute, I’m your girl! I’m hoping to find a home with someone who will appreciate all I have to offer very soon.”

Amaretto is located in Auburn, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.