We Remember Amari

The Yoruba tribe in Africa have a word for strength: Amari

Amari was only able to stay with us for seven weeks, but during that time she filled every minute of every day with her joyful and determined spirit. She was the poster dog for strength.

Even though Amari only weighed four pounds and had multiple health issues, her strength of spirit never wavered and she greeted each day with a smile. This tiny little girl had multiple health issues, including but probably not limited to: collapsing trachea, heart problems, pulmonary distress, broken ribs (perhaps caused by excessive coughing) but she was strong of spirit and determined to be well. Thanks to Old Dog Haven she received the medical care she needed, and she endured endless vet appointments with grace and strength, but unfortunately her issues were just too much for her to handle and she was sent on to her next expression of spirit by her foster family with love and thanks for all of the lessons she taught and for the joy she brought to their lives.

Amari had her moments:

  • She discovered that the beach was a place to chase other dogs, especially a big poodle that loved to play with her. She always had a coughing fit after one of her chases, but we all thought it was worth it for her to experience having fun.
  • She learned quickly that being held by her foster mom was exactly where they both wanted her to be.
  • She found out that a trip to MacDonald’s often meant that a stray French fry might find its way into her tiny mouth.
  • She was quite the foodie for a little girl and especially enjoyed the chicken that was always a part of her meal.
  • She loved hanging out on the deck where she could lie in the sun.
  • Even though she didn’t interact much with the other dogs she knew they were there and taught them to keep their distance from her food and treats.
  • Going for a ride was a special event for Amari and she loved being able to sit up high to watch what was going on outside.
  • Amari always knew she was safe and loved in our home and she showed her gratitude with not only wet little kisses, but in staying as long as she could.

Thank you Miss Amari Strong of Spirit. We love you and wish you well on your next adventure. Please find us on another visit when you can stay longer.