“Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Angelina. Angelina Jolie to be exact – yes, like the famous and beautiful movie star/humanitarian . My mother was a border collie, my father was a golden retriever. I weigh about 60 pounds and I am not quite 9 years old. I’m still in the prime of my life ! As you would expect with my breed mix, I have lots of energy. I long for a home with someone who can take me out for walks every day. My dream home would be one with a fenced yard so that I could RUN and play fetch.

I have never lived with another dog and have not been around many but when I do have the opportunity I play coy at first. I think it may be great fun to have a canine playmate who will also be a companion – we just need to find the right match. I have been a very good girl with cats. When I meet kids they sometimes scare me; I like them, just not the ones that are young and excitable. Up until recently I was not doing so well, I had a skin condition and my lifelong owner could not afford to give me the care I needed to get well. But fortunately we found help to get that medical care – now I’m ready to find a new home.

My person is not able to care for me anymore because he has his own health struggles. The humans can tell you more about that stuff – I just need good food and my ears and skin need to be kept clean. I enjoy being brushed, it feels good and I am so proud of my beautiful hair now! I stay inside while my person is away from home but when I’m bored I’ve been tempted to chew things up. I will wait for a potty break about 6-8 hours. I am a good guard dog, I will bark, so an apartment or home where the neighbors may get mad about a barking dog would not be a good place for me.

In return for giving me a new home, I will love you and always be happy to see you. I feel so good now and I am hoping to join my new family very soon. Please tell your friends about me!”

Angelina is in Port Townsend, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.