Angie came into a shelter with a very geriatric friend; somewhere in the past her face had been attacked and put back together surgically, giving her a very strange appearance. You might be taken aback at her “snarl” until you realized what a wonderful gentle and friendly girl she was. Besides that disfigurement, Angie had a very large benign tumor on her side – definitely an unusual-looking dog! Angie was a special girl. She did not let her medical condition prevent her from enjoying life. She was her ODH mom’s constant companion, following everywhere and never leaving her side. She loved helping with the farm chores, supervising the other dogs, raising the foster kittens, and watching the goats. She was comfortable and happy for more than a year and a half before those longterm challenges became too much for even this amazingly tough old lady to endure. She was laid to rest on the farm where she could continue to watch over the chores, and she will be dearly missed.

Angie acdx &kittens-WR2