Annabelle (Annie) is a little old lady poodle (or maybe malti-poo?) who found herself in a big scary shelter, pretty down on her luck. That luck changed and she came to a Final Refuge home with another little, old, white dog and humans who dote on her. We spayed her (she was still producing milk so perhaps had just weaned puppies) and removed one very painful eye. We’re trying to manage occasional seizures, but overall she’s a really happy and loving little princess!

Update:  After nearly 7 years in her ODH family, Annabelle’s kidneys failed and it was time to say goodbye. She’d fought the good fight, including several corneal ulcers in her last year, thanks to much effort on the part of her ODH mom and veterinarians. Her mom said: “What a tough girl! She really was a gentle, easy going dog. Right up until the end she didn’t let her blindness interfere with life and exploring new places. Everyone could tell that we loved each other dearly. We will all miss that girl!”