Lovely Annie is a 48 pound girl who is believed to be an Australian Shepherd mix. We think whatever “breeds” she is, she’s stunning! Annie is estimated to be between 9-10 years old.

Annie has been living at a boarding facility for over 2 years now. Sadly, her owner has been unable to care for her. She did her best to prepare for Annie’s future in the event she was not longer able to provide her a home but Annie needs a REAL home now. While living at the boarding facility, Annie’s interaction around other dogs has been limited. Prior to her long stay at the facility, she reportedly spent time with a family member’s dog and was fine. It is unknown how Annie would react to a cat. The belief is that Annie would be fine around gentle, older children.

Being a young senior, Annie still wants to be active. Annie is said to be “perfect” on leash. It’d be terrific for her to find a home where she was able to get out and walk and play every day. We are told by staff at the facility that she is a “talker”; so one must keep that in mind.

Recently Annie left the boarding facility to have a vet check up (which was great!) and we were told she did terrific her first outing in 2 years. She jumped into the car, got into the crate for the ride and was happy and friendly greeting everyone at the vet clinic. Annie took treats from everyone, walked past dogs at the clinic without any incident and then got into the lap of the female vet when she sat on the floor to meet Annie. She sounds pretty great, doesn’t she?

Given her living arrangements, it’s hard to say how Annie will do once she gets to leave the boarding facility and stay in a home. More than likely she spent a lot of time with human company before her owner became too ill to care for her. Time to acclimate to a home and new routine should be given to Annie so that he can be successful in her forever home.

Annie is a loving girl who once she gets to know you, will give kisses and really wants to snuggle.  She seems to prefer women but has done fine with male staff at the boarding facility. Annie is ready to start the next chapter of her life in a home as a loyal companion. She’s waiting for her adopter in Burien, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.