If you’re in search of a calm, affectionate, undemanding companion who is always happy to see you … meet Annie! All this girl asks of life is someone to love, a comfy spot to snooze, a regular something in her dinner bowl, and a daily amble around the neighborhood.

Oh … and a stick. Or a ball. Or a stick thrown into the water is the BEST. And so is a ball. And treats, but not too many. And did we mention a ball? Or a stick… No, don’t misunderstand us, she’s not hyper – she’s an old lady. But she does love to retrieve!

Annie was dumped in a rural neighborhood about a year ago. No one is certain of her exact age but she is at least 8 years old. She was adopted and has been much loved for the past year, but her family has broken up and she’s once again looking for a FOREVER home.

Despite life’s disappointments, nothing fazes this girl! Men, women, teens, kids, infants – she loves them all Annie doesn’t recognize the concept of a stranger. She gets on well with other dogs, and has lived peaceably with cats, horses, chickens and cattle. She’d like best to live with people who enjoy the water. We think that at some time in her life Annie has been trained to work with a hunter, and now considers time spent fetching a ball (or a stick) the best part of any day.

If you’d like a dog who will quietly keep you company, and just occasionally remind you to get up and move – and maybe throw a few balls while you’re at it – then she’s your girl. Annie is the definition of mellow, a low-energy girl who loves a casual amble and enjoys car rides. She’ll greet you with a happy dance but never jumps on you or puts her nose where it’s not wanted. In fact, all round her manners are great – she’s reliably house-trained, never destructive, and doesn’t bark.

At some stage, someone put time into her training. She’s great on a leash, comes reliably when called, stays close when off-leash, sits, downs and holds a stay. She also obeys instructions to go to her bed, get in the car, and so on, and she retrieves to hand.

Annie has been spayed and microchipped, and her vaccinations are up to date. She has received good, regular vet care for the past year, and is in good overall health. However, at 87 lbs she is overweight. Her hips are very stiff, so although light daily exercise is essential she’s not capable of long hikes. She needs daily pain medication, and any decision to let her enjoy swimming and retrieving must be balanced against the need for pain management. We’re all about quality of life; Annie needs to retrieve to be happy – she just can’t do it as much as she wants to.

Annie is posted for Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team. She is currently being fostered in Yelm, WA. To request an application to adopt Annie, please contact

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.