Archibald came into his ODH family when his owner passed away and he landed in a shelter. Little did he know that they needed this gentle giant as much as he needed them. The moment that they met him it was love at first sight. Once he realized that he was home we saw a peacefulness in his eyes that is still with him. He is a wonderful big brother to the other dogs and cats in his home. He is a comfort to the new fosters that come and go because he teaches them how to relax and enjoy life. Archibald’s favorite role is to ride shotgun for his mom; as soon as the car keys come out he is a puppy again. He runs to the door with his tail wagging and the most beautiful smile that we have ever seen. That smile is a reminder that these beautiful souls live in the moment and that their one dream is to have a life filled with happiness and love. How wonderful for his family that Archibald came to them to make that dream come true.
Archibald arrived with a lot of medical issues: Ears hardened from chronic infection that seem to have made some facial nerve paralysis and that cute droop on one side, horrible arthritis in his spine, anemia, and a soft tissue sarcoma (malignant tumor, low grade) that was removed from his leg.

It took a good deal of effort from his veterinary team and good nursing from his ODH family but he seems to be on the fast track now. We hope to have this guy for a very long time to come.

Update:  Archibald spent a year and a half as his ODH mom’s constant companion, one of those dogs that just snuck into her heart.    When his spinal damage became too great for him to manage, he was sent on his way with much love.  A very special dog.