My name is Archie.  I can’t tell you a lot about my past.  I was found in a park.  No one came to look for me.  I was sad and sick. My spine is badly damaged. It hurts and makes me walk funny.  None of those things made me give up, however!

Old Dog Haven found a new family (Final Refuge) for me.  I now have a mommy and my very own pack .  A warm home to live out my final days.  I’m a happy boy.  I love to eat.  Tolerate the clothes mom makes me wear.  My favorite thing is dryer warmed blankets.

Thank you Old Dog Haven.   I am living my happily ever after.


Update: After much too short a time Archie’s Mom had to say goodbye   His spine worsened and he couldn’t be kept comfortable any longer.   He knew he was much loved and he will always be remembered and very much missed.

Archie’s pack: Heidi , Max in chair arm, Buddy and Archie