Arnold found himself in a shelter at about 10 years old and was so popular that he was part of a program to teach school kids about handling dogs. Sadly, they found a mast cell tumor which meant he would not be adoptable and therefore asked ODH to take him in. He settled easily into his ODH home, enjoying his “siblings” and stuffed toys, and our vet and ODH family worked on clearing up a stubborn ear infection and then removed the tumor on his head. Even more sadly, the vet found another mast cell tumor and this one couldn’t be completely removed. After a second attempt which involved removing the toe entirely, but wasn’t able to get “clean margins” in such a difficult location, we decided to give this wonderful guy a break. Many times mast cell tumors return only much later and we will keep very close watch on it. Meanwhile, he is a happy playful boy who acts like a puppy sometimes. He surely likes his toys, especially balls and his stuffed animals. His beloved yellow duck is falling apart but he still carries it around everywhere he goes. He got a salmon for a Christmas present but is staying loyal to the duck for now. We hope he can hang onto that duck and we can hang onto him for a long time ahead.

Update:   Arnold the Golden Retriever passed away suddenly. He suddenly wasn’t feeling well the day before and new tumors were found in his belly. We want to thank Old Dog Haven for bringing Arnold into our lives and Northshore Veterinary Hospital, Veterinary Cancer Specialty Care, and Animal Emergency Care for taking such good care of Arnold from the day we first met him to his last.

Special thanks to Judith for all the support and advice over the last 2 years, especially last night.
To Old Dog Haven for saving senior dogs and placing them in loving homes.
To Dr. Barron and her staff for previous tumor surgeries, visits, loves and treats.
To Dr. Tripp and her staff for the electrochemotherapy treatment
To Dr. Phoebe and her staff for the love and compassion last night.
Arnold was so well loved. And how could he not be? He made it so easy for us all to fall madly in love with him. We are definitely better for having had him in our lives.
Here is our favorite picture of Arnold that captures his spirit perfectly:

Arnold golden & toys-FR032516