Little Arwen was found wandering by a busy highway in southern Washington. She was taken to the local shelter where staff asked Old Dog Haven to take her. Arwen was thin with a very ulcerated left eye, dental disease, skin infection, and mammary tumors. It was clear that she’d had litters of puppies, the last likely by C-section, and indeed her microchip was traced to a backyard breeder who no longer wanted her. She was almost 14 years old.

Once Arwen was settled into her ODH foster home, labs stabilized and her eye and skin conditions treated, it was time to undergo mammary tumor resections and a dental. Not long into her surgery Arwen couldn’t maintain her body temperature, so the procedure was ended, leaving some mammary tumors in place. She also suffered with a bout of pancreatitis, at which time an ultrasound showed that this had been a chronic condition for years. With mammary tumors and chronic pancreatitis, she was deemed a Final Refuge dog, to stay in her ODH foster home for life.

And Arwen is determined to live her life to the fullest! At 15, she’s as energetic as a puppy, zipping around the house, flying onto the furniture, and circus-dancing for her prescription food. She’s definitely the boss of her four big dog-siblings, but cuddles with her cat. She can be found at ODH events, often wearing a costume and always a smile.

Arwen is now happy and healthy, thanks to ODH supporters.

Update:  After a wonderfully long time with her Final Refuge mom, Arwen’s health failed and she had to be sent on – with much love and sadness.  For a tiny little pup, Arwen made a big impact and will be deeply  missed.