If Ava looks familiar it’s because we shared her almost a year ago to help her find an adoptive home. Ava found that home but one of her adopters passed away and she had to find a new home. A kind couple opened their home to her but unimaginably, once again, tragedy struck. So in less than a year’s time, Ava has lost 3 homes. She truly needs and deserves to find her true forever home.

Ava is a 10 year old Belgian Mailinois who weighs 92 pounds. For most of her life, Ava was a service dog. When it was time for her to retire, her owner wanted to find someone who wouldn’t expect her to perform her duties anymore. Ava just needed to be a dog. Please do not inquire about Ava if you are looking to find a service dog.

We are told Ava does fine with other dogs and actually does better in a home with other nice dogs for company-just no puppies! Ava needs a home without cats. A home with older kids who are respectful of animals is what would be best for Ava.

As one can imagine Ava can have some anxiety about being left alone. When you consider she’s been moved so much in a year and add in that she’s a retired service dog, this is totally understandable.  A service dog is rarely ever left alone so it takes time when they retire to learn that being left behind is OK. This is why Ava needs the company of another dog when her person leaves home. Ideally Ava’s new owner should not be gone long hours every day. She can go between 4-5 hours before she needs a potty break. Stairs are getting harder for Ava as she has arthritis. She’s taking supplements to help with that and that should continue for her comfort.  Ava had  a tumor in her toe removed in the last year; her caregiver can give you more information about that.

Ava does well on leash and would appreciate getting out to stretch her legs on a regular basis. Ava will join in on the barking if she hears other dogs barking or if she herself hears something. It’d be really nice for Ava to have a home with a large, fenced yard.

This lovely girl has spent most of her life in service as a loyal, dependable, companion. Now she needs a home with someone who will give the same to her. Ava is courtesy posted for her caregiver who is located in Chehalis, WA.  For more information please email referrals@olddoghaven.org.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.