Avery (fondly known as Annie in her Final Refuge home) was picked up as a stray in terrible condition. She had obviously not been bathed or brushed for years, had a raging ear infection, a terrible flea allergy that had caused her to chew the hair off all four legs and one hip and, as if that weren’t enough, poor Annie had a very large tumor dangling off her tummy that was completely ulcerated on the bottom. We immediately had her bathed and groomed which certainly helped her to feel a little better. The vet found a cancer lurking in that huge tumor but it has now been completely removed and she has been treated for her flea-induced skin condition. She has also had several teeth pulled, with probably more to come out when she is feeling better and stronger. A day after surgery, her spirits are better, she is more interested in eating, and she’s more enthusiastic about what is going on around her. Being rid of that pound-plus of tumor pulling on her tummy must be a big improvement too! She gets along well with her four other ODH “sisters” and is easy-going and friendly with everyone she meets. She seems so happy to have a soft bed to sleep on and humans to tell her daily not only how beautiful she is but also how much she is loved! Her Final Refuge family is so happy she came to live with them and hope they will have the honor of her company for a very long time. Yet another old dog that deserved so much more than to believe her life was over when she came to the shelter! Avery had been with her Final Refuge family just four short months, but she made such a huge impression while we had her. With all the health issues she had endured for years, it was amazing how much unconditional love she showed all of us! We had hopes that she would be with us for years, but that was not to be. She will never be forgotten and was a gift every single day. We know her spirit will always be on her little farm and are so glad she had time here to be a happy dog! Avery (Annie) passed away November 21, 2013.