10 year old Bailee is a beautiful, 85 pound Rottweiler. She was recently rescued from a lonely life in the cold as an outside dog after her former owner started having children. Living outside she’d become less tolerant of a dog she’d lived with once she lost her vision. Because of this, her rescuers are looking for a home without other animals or small children.

Now inside a foster home, Bailee has shown she is housetrained and that she has no separation anxiety in the comfort of her crate. Bailee is adapting to her new surroundings and even learning slowly how to manage some stairs. Once adopted, she will need to be shown the same patience and understanding her foster has shown her. We have found that blind dogs are amazing and it’s heartwarming to watch them learn the lay of “their new land”!

Bailee is described as a sweet girl who appreciates gentle touch and a nice bed to lay in by the fire. She does have a mild heart murmur that at this time requires no medication but her adopter will need to be committed to regular check ups and vet care to monitor her heart and the fatty lump she has on one of her rear legs.

We are told that Bailee is a very friendly girl who warms up to new people. Her visual impairment makes her a special needs dog but Bailee would like to just think of herself as being SPECIAL. She is ready for her true, adoptive forever home.

Bailee is posted for Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. Her rescuers will gladly transport her. To learn more about Bailee and adopting her, please visit www.petfinder.com/dog/bailee-50058587/wa/redmond/seattle-purebred-dog-rescue-wa66/or phone:  (206) 654-1117

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.