Bailey is ready for an adoptive home! This almost 12 year old girl is said to be a lab/aussie mix. Bailey weighs about 40 pounds. She has been a well cared for dog, having complete check ups with labs and a dental. Bailey has some arthritis, which is expected at her age, thankfully her owners give her supplements to help with that and her new owners should be prepared to do so as well.

Bailey has lived most of her life around other dogs. We are told she does well with dogs and has been very well socialized. Bailey has lived with cats and she tends to ignore them. While she hasn’t been around children too many times, when she has been, she’s been a good girl. Of course any home with children should be one where the kids are old enough to know how to be gentle and respectful.

Currently Bailey lives on a boat where there is not much room for her to stretch her legs. We’d bet Bailey would be happy having a yard where she can play ball and get out to potty whenever she needs to or wants to instead of having to wait until her owners are ready to do so. Bailey loves to chase a ball or go for a swim! While she can be active, she also enjoys napping during the day. Her owners tell us she is engaging and still learns new tricks. This smart girl loves her dog puzzles as well as snuggling on the couch or at your feet.

Bailey is a well behaved girl. She will bark when someone is at the door but will stop barking when she’s told to. Bailey can stay alone in her home without issue and she is a great ride along in the car buddy.

Bailey is located in Tigard, OR. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.