Bailey K, a Shih Tzu-Beagle mix, has had a lot of losses recently. In 2012 he and his littermate lost their lifetime home and their people due to a death in the family; the boys ended up in a shelter. They were adopted and lived together in a happy home, but as his brother’s health was declining their person was relocated and they were left behind. The boys moved into an ODH home but Bailey’s brother was simply too ill to continue. Bailey has struggled a bit to adjust to a new life with new people and new dogs, but he is becoming much more comfortable and has a new friend already. This little guy suffers from significant arthritis but with careful treatment we have hopes that this 14-year-old will have many months ahead in his ODH home. His ODH mom says goodbye: Bailey was a great dog. He was part Beagle and part Shih Tzu. I would tell his groomer, “please trim the Shih Tzu part” and he would come home looking like a Beagle. This sweet boy was loved by everyone who met him: dogs, cats and people. He was a goofy boy and his family will really miss him. Bailey died June 30, 2015.