Bandit is an 80 pound, 11 year old, Shepherd mix. Bandit is a big wooly love bug. He has lived outside for 11 years and is used to staying close to the house and guarding.  In his foster home he is coming inside for meals, for treats, for sleep, and occasionally to say his outside water dish is getting low.

Bandit is a dog for someone who doesn’t expect much “house dog” companionship and/or for someone who will be patient while trying to help him become more companionable.

He is loving, friendly, always wagging his tail, gentle and kind of funny.  He is  leery of new people, detests being on a leash, won’t take a walk, and hates to go in the car (though is quiet and well behaved once heaved in and secured).

Bandit had a full bath and grooming.  He was fine once  there though didn’t like the dryer.  He has been to the vet for the usual full panel of diagnostics and a dental and all of his vaccinations.

He is slowly learning to appreciate the comforts of being indoors, though still prefers a blanket on the floor to a nice big poofy bed.  He’s just an easygoing fellow who should be fine in a house with a fenced yard.  We don’t know how he would do on stairs, he’s too fearful to come into the middle of the house.  If you have a family room off  a deck or the back yard, that could work well for him.

Why adopt Bandit?  Because he is a nice dog who is a senior and has lost his human “dad”. Giving a home to a dog like Bandit can be so rewarding, to see them grow in love and trust as time goes on.

Bandit  is posted for Rebecca’s Rainbow and is fostered in Kirkland WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.