Bane and Bruce are best buddies in need of an adoptive home. Bane is a lab mix who weighs 50 pounds. Bruce turns 11 in June; he is a 25 pound chihuahua mix. The pair are very happy together. Their family states they are “inseparable” for 10 years and cry when they aren’t together.

The boys have lived with other dogs in the past. They have also lived with cats and kids. Bruce and Bane know quite a few verbal commands. They sound like well behaved dogs who are going to make a wonderful addition to a new family.

Bane and Bruce are good to stay home alone when the people leave, as long as they have each other for company.  As young seniors, they can still “hold it” for quite a few hours. Bruce and Banea are crate trained. We are told they like their kennel a lot. Neither dog gets up on furniture nor do they bark much. They will let you know with a couple of barks when someone is at the door. Bane will howl with you if you howl at him-pretty cute!

The pair is said to be good on leash. They enjoy leisurely walks. Fetching is fun for Bane and fun for Bruce is chasing Bane’s ankles while he plays fetch. Bane is a very good boy who only chews his toys. Bruce isn’t much of a chewer, he has had quite a few teeth pulled but can still eat well and happily!

Both boys express their love for people in different ways. Bane is a licker and acts puppylike. Bruce seeks out attention by rubbing himself on people. They are a friendly pair who sound delightful. It will certainly be rewarding to give them a home where they can remain together for the rest of their days.

Bruce and Bane are located in Mukilteo, WA. in need of an adoptive home soon. For contact information please email:

These are not ODH dogs: we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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