Bao is a lucky Chow Chow – she had a fairy dogmother at her shelter.  She’d been there before as a stray, was adopted out, then unceremoniously returned over a year later, matted with hair loss, bleeding skin, and horribly infected ears. Her fairy dogmother looked beyond all of that to see a sweet-natured girl who at surrender seemed “resigned to this way of life.” Bao really wanted to play with the children in the lobby, but sadly was too dirty and smelly. She was put in a kennel with a very active, loud dog and her fairy dogmother contacted ODH to save her. Which was pretty quick, because her foster mom is a sucker for Chow Chows.

She was taken immediately for a medicated bath and had most of her hair shaved to the skin due to the severe matting. A regimen of routine medicated baths, ear treatments, and antibiotics got her infections under control. X-rays showed Bao has severe hip dysplasia, so she was started on an anti-inflammatory and a medication for nerve pain which she will take for life, along with her medication for the inflammatory skin disorder. As her hip condition is very severe, she is not adoptable and will live with her foster mom for life as a Final Refuge dog. Bao is an easy-going girl with a big smile and endearing cross-eyed expression.

Although she’s just about deaf – probably due to long-term ear infections – she has no problem expressing herself when it’s meal or potty time. (Thus her name, Bao Wow Chow!) She doesn’t yet suffer significant mobility problems, and often play bows, spins, and trots full speed when she wants to play. At some point in her life, someone must have taught Bao tricks, as when she sits for treats, she’ll also wave a paw. Adorable!

Bao is now happy and thriving, thanks to ODH supporters.