“My name is Barkley and I’m an 11 year old labrador/rottweiler mix. I weigh 53 pounds-not too small and not too big- just right. I found a home  with my current family when I was a little over 2 years old. Up until the last couple of years, my home was my just right. But then my people  brought a little human home. I was curious about him at first and believed not much would change about our life. But now that the child is walking on  his two legs, WHOA! Life has changed. I’m not sure what to make of this little dude. I have tried to be patient with him but he is just too  unpredictable. I am ready to move on, to a home where there are no small kids. All this change has made me nervous. I take a pill every day to help  me but maybe in my new, calm and childless home I could slowly stop taking them? My people will let you talk to my trainer and vet, they’ll tell you  what a really good boy I am. My people have tried to help me feel better about the change the child brought. I guess for some dogs, it is just not  a good fit. Up until recently I used to go to doggy daycare. My person still takes me to a dog park and I do really well with that. I’ve never been around cats so I can’t tell you how I’d react to one. So now on to the good stuff about me! Aside from the obvious fact-that I am really handsome…I can stay alone in the house while you go about doing your  business for the day. I can handle stairs and go quite a while without needing a potty break. I’ve always been told how smart I am. I really
love being around my people. I’ll make sure you never feel lonely. If you want to watch tv, I’ll just curl up at your feet. I will keep you company  on a walk every day. I currently take my person for a walk twice a day. I’ll also play catch with you. People who meet me really like me! Oh and in  spite of my name being Barkley, I’m really not much of a barker at all. I bark very little because I’ve gone through training. I just want to make my  people happy and feel loved. I promise to be a good best friend. I’m ready for my new home, please help me find it.”

Barkley is in Seattle, WA.

This  is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.