Greetings to all dog lovers, my name is Barney and because I’m the more outgoing part of this duo I will tell you all about us and why you should adopt us.

Yes, we are brothers and have been since birth. No, we don’t look alike but you know what, we don’t act alike either. That gives you a variety when you adopt us. We are 8 years old.

I am the bigger (18 pounds) tri-colored boy and while I’m quiet you’ll find that I’m very playful and I love everyone. I tend to make myself comfortable wherever I wish and I am so trusting of people that if you need get by me because I’ve made myself comfortable on the floor, I’ll just trust that you’ll carefully step over me. I am an allergy dog so a grain free diet will be necessary.

Now, as for Tommy (the lighter colored one), he’s a bit smaller than me (13 pounds). He’s a little slow with new people but if you leave him alone and let me keep talking doggy talk to him, within a couple days he’ll be the love of your life forever – but don’t forget about me, please, when he does. We both love to be loved. We both love to go on walks and we dance like crazy the minute we see the leashes come out. We’ll make you thetalk of the neighborhood when people see us walking together so well. We love to go on rides in the car, too, and our foster mom is praising us for being so very good during the ride whether we are crated or secure in a doggie seat.

One last thing – we LOVE toys and once Tommy gets past the first few days of warming up to a new home, you’ll find us running, throwing and tossing those toys around. That is, if you have a supply of toys waiting for us. *hint,hint, hint*. We, Barney and Tommy, are waiting for you to apply to adopt us. You won’t be sorry.

These two little gentlemen are posted for Furbaby Rescue and are fostered in Blaine WA.

ODH has not met these dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.