Best buddies Bear and Bandit are brothers, litter-mates who have been together all of their 10 years of life. The boys are labs whose exact weight is unknown. This pair lost their lifetime owner and home.  Their current caregivers have not been able to do any vetting for them, so they need an adoptive home where they will be taken to a vet, given vaccines and receive full senior dog check ups.  Bear appears to have arthritis in his hips and Bandit has what is believed to be a fatty growth. In return for their care, these loving brothers will reward you with the wonderful experience of having black labs in your life-times 2!

Bandit and Bear are accustomed to staying together all of the time; we are told they experience “high anxiety” when separated. The boys have lived with other animals all of their lives. Their preference is female dogs who are smaller than they are. They do fine with the cat in their home.

Both boys stay inside without any issue while their people are away from home. They can wait quite a while before needing a potty break, but no dog should have to wait too long! Bear and Bandit can manage stairs at this time. The boys will pull with excitement on leash, their adopter should be able to handle their strength. They love to get outside and play! A home with a fenced yard and room to roam is ideal for Bear and Bandit. The brothers will bark to alert you of people near their home.

Have you ever had a lab in your life? If you have, you know how special they can be! Bear and Bandit are said to have amazing personalities. They like to think of themselves as lap dogs. We think they sound pretty awesome. The boys deserve a committed, loving home where their needs will be met always.

Bandit and Bear are located in Lakewood, WA. For contact information please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do  their own evaluation. 





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