Littermates Bear and Coco are 8 year old chihuahua mixes in search of a loving, adoptive home that they can stay together in. Bear is the male dog, he’s the dog with the adorable scruffy face. Bear weighs about 10 pounds. His smooth coated sister Coco with the sweet eyes weighs about 9 pounds. They are cuties who love to cuddle together and play with each other. Bear seems to be the one in charge, keeping Coco safe from other dogs and the toddler that they live with.  A child free home is what the pair need. They may be OK in a home with other small dogs that are calm and friendly. We are told they have lived with cats and been fine with them.

The pair has been fine to stay alone with each other for company inside their home. They do require potty breaks about every 5 hours. These are young seniors who can still do stairs, Bear and Coco love to run around outside in their fenced back yard. Coco loves to play with a ball but she can get a little nervous while on leash. Bear is more confident on leash. Bear loves belly rubs and lap time. Coco is more sensitive to touch but perhaps with time and watching her brother enjoy himself, she’ll warm up to it. This does not mean she is nippy by any means, she is just more shy. The pair is crate trained.

Both dogs WILL bark! This could be an issue for someone who lives in an apartment or has neighbors who will complain about barking dogs. An adopter must take this into consideration. We’d hate to hear they lost another home because they barked. The plus side of this is: you will always know when someone is outside or at your door.

It has been about 4 years since either dog saw a vet for a check up. Their owner tells us they are not up to date on vaccines. Coco and Bear must have an adopter ready and able to get them into a vet for a full check up upon adopting them. This is important! Considering their breed (mix) and ages, with good care they could live another 8+ years. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if their adoptive home is the last home they ever have?

Coco and Bear are located on Whidbey Island, WA. For contact information please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.