This beautiful old lady was dumped out of a car at the very end of her life. With an ugly, reeking, infected tumor on the top of her head that had ruptured, chronic ear infections causing great pain, an abscess in a paw pad so she walked on 3 legs, heart disease, failing kidneys, nasty dental disease, and a huge mass in her throat. She was picked up by someone who watched her be deposited while the car drove off. She went through her stray hold at the shelter and then came to an ODH home. We gave her as much pain medication as possible, a soft bed and a good meal, and as many kind words and strokes as we could. Her kidney and heart disease made way too risky any anesthesia to try to fix some of the things causing her pain, and this poor little dog had suffered too much.

We said goodbye gently. We loved her and will grieve for her.