Check out those ears! This is Bella, a 9 pound Chihuahua mix who is not quite 9 years old. Bella was a devoted, loyal companion to her person, staying with her faithfully through treatment until last Fall when sadly, her person passed away. Since then Bella has lived with family but because of allergies (not hers, one of the humans), Bella needs to find a new home.

Currently Bella shares her home with a very old, mellow dog. Bella has a strong personality; she can be a bit “bossy” with other dogs. That’s not to say Bella couldn’t live with another dog! However, she is not a fan of large dogs. Bella is very friendly and plays with the cat in her current home. She does fine with a child in her home and would probably be fine with another kind child old enough to know to be gentle with her.

While she’s not had regular exercise, we bet she’d appreciate it. She’s a young senior and we’re told she loves walks. She needs someone who will work with her on leash manners. She can be a bit shy when meeting new people. It will be in Bella’s best interest to be exposed to more people, more dogs and new situations so that she can learn to be a more confident, well-balanced dog.

Bella is a high jumper, she can sit and spin for her dinner. She likes to chew; having a Kong or chewie around is necessary for Bella or she will find other things to chew on. Bella is potty pad trained. She’s used to having company around, be it another dog, cat and/or people.

This loving girl is longing for a home with someone she can cuddle with. She’d love to share the bed again with her person. At her age, one would expect to have many years ahead of her. Bella is a sensitive girl who shouldn’t have to endure the heartbreak of losing another person. Bella is waiting in Seattle, WA. for her forever home.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.