Bella, at almost twelve years old, is a happy dog full of love and hope, despite all she’s been through.  Over the years, Bella ha​d​ been with several adopters – only to be given up. This last time, she was found a stray, and was in the ​shelter  for over a month. Due to her age, medical issues and having been in and out of different homes, she was welcomed into the loving arms of the folks from Old Dog Haven.

Since being placed in her permanent foster home the need to address her heath began. Bella was found to have limited hearing, a range of eye problems and her teeth in dire need of attention.  Her many visits to the vet and ophthalmologist include eye surgery on both eyes, dental surgery and a thorough dental cleaning, as well as a small surgery to get some angry sebaceous cysts removed from her paw.

She’s doing so well, and is so darn cute.  She takes daily eye drops, she’s lost a little weight, she loves (and expects) her daily walks, her naps, and most importantly she loves her face rubbed.  Her anxiety is slowly subsiding and she has found the finer things in life to be quite enjoyable…a yummy treat​, a soft blanket to cuddle in, a patch of dirt to dig, and a garden to sniff; it’s all made life much more enjoyable. She loves people, and she loves to love and be loved. She is starting to understand that thanks to Old Dog Haven, she’ll be forever comfortable knowing that her people are always nearby giving her great comfort, stability and love.

She’s a gentle, young-like soul; if you see her on our daily walk, she’ll be wagging her tail; please say hello! It will make her day.

Update:  After a wonderful time in her Final Refuge home, Bella’s health finally failed and her family had to say goodbye.  She was such a special and loving dog and will be greatly missed.