These beautiful girls are Bella and Changa. 13 year old Bella is the yellow lab, she weighs 76 pounds. Changa is a 70 pound chocolate lab who is 11 years old. These girls have lived together their entire lives, our hope is to help find an adoptive home where they can continue to remain together.

The girls’ owner passed away but thankfully, family members took them in and have been caring wonderfully for them. They cannot keep the girls but want to find the best possible home for them. Once hunting dogs, they have left that life far behind. These are sweet dogs who are well behaved. At this time both girls can manage a few hours between potty breaks. We are told they are kenneled at night and when their humans leave the house. Since they are getting up there in years, it would be ideal if they didn’t have to wait too long to relieve themselves. They have good house manners and should be allowed to live in a home inside, going out as they need or want to.

Both dogs have arthritis, they both receive Cosequin to help their joints. Bella receives Carprofen (an NSAID medication) because her arthritis is more advanced. This has helped relieve Bella’s pain and should be continued by her adopter. While both can reportedly manage stairs, it would be much kinder if neither had to climb them on a daily basis. We are told they love their walks and time outside when the weather is nice.

Changa and Bella have lived with other dogs. Because they are mature dogs, one would think they’d be happiest in a home with dogs that match their age and energy. Bella does little barking, only to alert you that something requires your attention. Changa is a quiet girl, letting Bella do the barking when needed. The pair has never lived with cats. They are good with kind, gentle children who won’t climb upon them or pull on them.

As we often remind potential adopters, one should be willing and able to provide these girls with the veterinary care they need to keep them healthy as well as good quality dog food. Someone will be very fortunate to welcome these sweet, smart and loving dogs into their home.

Bella and Changa are located in Marysville, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. These are not Old Dog Haven dogs.  We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.