Buddies Bella and Daisy are 8 year old miniature dachshunds. Each girl is said to weigh 9 pounds. Aren’t they beautiful dogs? We are told they are half sisters who have lived together all of their lives. Bella is the more confident dog of the pair; she’s described as “a mother hen”. Daisy is a bit more shy and reserved. They have not been around many dogs nor have they been observed around cats, so proper introductions and integration should be made. They have lived with children but because the are minis, a home with kids who will be gentle with them and one without too many stairs would be best. At only 8 years old, these dogs are what consider “young seniors”. More than likely they’d really appreciate getting out for exercise every day when they’re not cuddling up to next to each other or burrowing deep into blankets as doxies do so well. Both girls enjoy going for rides in the car and are crate trained. Daisy loves to play fetch as long as you will throw a ball. Bella is an inquisitive girl, a fenced yard with lots to smell would probably make her very happy. The girls can stay together while you go off about your business reportedly needing a potty break every 6-8 hours. They will bark sometimes when they’re left-if you anything about this breed you know that’s completely normal-so one must take that into consideration.

This sweet pair of dogs is hoping to find a home very soon.  Daisy and Bella are in Vancouver, WA.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.