Belle, CowBelle, House Cow, Big Head.

Belle found her way to Old Dog Haven when her previous owners no longer wanted her. Belle was adopted from a shelter when she was 11 weeks old. 14 years later, she found herself surrendered because the family was moving. She came to us severely overweight (114 pounds) a severe ear infection, bladder infection, open wounds and hot spots, and a broken heart.

According to the vet, Belle is healthy as a horse (and about the size of one too! ). With medication for her arthritis and some probiotics, we expect her to stay with us for a very long time.

Belle is now 15 years old, and weighs 93 pounds. And more alive than she ever has been! She adores playing with her brother and sister, cuddling, and yelling at her mom and dad when she wants treats.

She loves to lay in the sun in her yard and wait for her final refuge mom to return from work. When she returns, Belle jumps up and down, runs inside, and greets her with a shoe/boot and a wagging tail. She loves to destroy toys, and will catch any treat (or ice cube) out of mid air.

CowBelle has never met someone or something she doesn’t like, and is always along for the ride (no really, she loves car rides!)

Update:  Dear Belle’s health finally failed her after a wonderful time in her Final Refuge home.  She was an amazing dog and enjoyed each day of her new life.  CowBelle will be greatly missed and will always be in our hearts.