Here’s Benny! An 11 year old interesting mix of perhaps Lhasa Apso and Yorkie or some kind of terrier. Benny came to Furbaby Rescue when his owner’s dementia compromised his quality of life. He is a 20 pound rolly-poly bundle of love and he’s already made his foster fall in love with him.

Because he did not have access to a yard or outside the hope is he will at least have a little piece of yard or balcony in the sunshine as he loves to toddle about. Benny really enjoys being with other dogs which is something else he didn’t have so another dog for company would be wonderful for him. Benny likes riding in the car.

Benny has been thoroughly vetted. He just needs a chance to get more exercise to help him lose a couple of pounds and build up some muscle. Benny loves being outside, so he needs no convincing. He had his teeth cleaned and polished and had a few teeth extracted and ever since then his energy level has ramped up dramatically.

Benny loves his name and wags his tail when you speak to him. He adores attention and likes to hang out in his crate or under the bed or human adjacent. He is not a Velcro dog at this point. He whines when he needs to potty and seems to be able to hold it until someone gets to him. One should not expect him to “hold it” all day while someone is away. Few people are able to do that come to think of it!

Benny likes to show his terrier side; he’s a bit of a scamp and very funny. His new home will need have a securely fenced yard or a commitment to be on a leash when outside. He can move pretty quickly when given the opportunity to escape through an opened gate or door. He thinks it’s a hoot with his waggedy tail moving at high speed.

Benny is a terrific little fellow and he will make a loving companion to someone. Benny is posted for Furbaby Rescue. He is being fostered in Kirkland WA. For more information about sweet Benny, please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.



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