Benny, 10 pounds of poodle with a unique coloring (called Phantom), came to ODH with probably the strangest story of our 11+ years. He had been abandoned and then taken in by a kind person who rescued wildcats (as in bobcats and lynx etc.) and they prowled her property! Little Benny was blind and was left in a large dog crate outside during the day (with the cats around him) and brought in at night, still in the crate with predators surrounding him. The finder, who was not a dog person, said he cried at first when left outside but got used to it… She had a vet try to fix his horrible teeth, but eventually asked us to take him. How could we refuse?

Benny’s foster family had a huge task ahead of them! This poor little dog was so terrified, his eyes were in terrible shape, his mouth stank, his skin and ears were infected, and he trusted no one. Benny did, however, respond to cuddling and a warm lap and soon settled into the family. With the help of ODH, his “dry eye” and associated infections were brought under control – and after many months, his foster mom was even able to administer his eyedrops by herself. We discovered that the horrendous stench from his mouth was ulcerative stomatitis (usually found in cats); two separate dental surgeries were required to remove all his teeth and he needed antibiotics off and on to keep the infections in control.

For over three years, Benny enjoyed his new home where he was safe and cherished. He hung out with his pack mates (he especially loved his ‘sister’ poodle Penelope) and every night found his Dad’s lap for a long cuddle and nap session. His foster Dad describes Benny as “the bravest little boy there ever was”. Benny was blind, deaf and totally fearless as he navigated his way around the house and down the back steps – always knowing when it was dinner time too. He was cheerful and showed up whenever there were treats to be had. Benny lived his Happy Ending until we could no longer manage his infections and his family sent him on his way with many tears and much love.

Dear Benny was one of a kind and will never be forgotten.

Benny napping